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A Guide to White Collar Crime Prisons

The White Collar Crime Prof Blog in a post here linked to an interesting article here in the Kansas City Star that references Alan Ellis' The Federal Prison Handbook 2005 . Among other things, the handbook offers snapshots of the 178 federal prisons categorized by the four security levels — high, low, medium and minimum. It also covers prison resources such as recreational facilities, vocational programs, drug and alcohol therapies, and libraries, and provides a list of hotels and motels nearby where relatives can stay.

For David Letterman fans, the book also lists the top 5 prisons in Ellis' professional opinion.

It also notes that out of a prison population of 189,097 inmates, 1,001 inmates are currently incarcerated for embezzlement, counterfeiting, and other financial crimes.

Anyway, this is one guide we hope you never need.


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