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Former New Haven Attorney Pleads Guilty to Stealing More than $2 Million from Clients

Chief State's Attorney Christopher L. Morano announced earlier this week the conviction of former New Haven attorney, John H. Peck, for stealing more than $2 million in client funds.

Mr. Peck was initially accused of embezzling more than $270,000 from an elderly woman he represented in a series of four real estate transactions beginning in 2002. During the course of the transactions, Mr. Peck diverted the proceeds from the sale of properties to himself and applied for a mortgage on the victim's behalf, embezzling the funds for his own use. Mr. Peck attempted to conceal the embezzlement by arranging to have the victim make her monthly mortgage payments to him.

In the course of investigating those incidents following a complaint filed against Peck, inspectors discovered additional thefts from Peck's client trust fund exceeding $2 million.

Peck surrendered his law license.

See full release here.


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